The Developer

Buildview Corp Pty Ltd

The director of Buildview Corp is well known in this field, with more than two decades of delivering exceptional results in the construction industry, dedicated to developing upscale residential, educational and commercial properties. Buildview Corp steer projects from initial stages to final delivery working with a team of dedicated consultants, design team, architect and builder to ensure our projects receives attention to detail, dedication and transparent operations allowing us to deliver continuous results and satisfy our clients.

The Builder

Calibre Construction Group Pty Ltd.

The director of Calibre Construction Group is a Sydney based Construction Company led by Director Ali Mohanna who has over 20 years’ of experience in the construction industry. Since its inception, Calibre has grown from strength to strength, significantly in expertise, size, knowledge and capability. This has come about because of a non-wavering work ethic, time, thorough dedication, passion, as we are passionate about what we do.

The Architect

CDArhitects Pty Ltd

CDArchitects is a highly regarded architectural and planning practice dedicated to maintaining quality of design, construction and management. Established in 1998 as a design–based architectural practice, CDArchitects was quickly engaged with projects throughout Sydney, Queensland, Victoria, and the Middle East. Drawing from over 40 years’ worth of cumulative industry experience, our strategy is based around client-tailored services. Our skilled market and building type specialists are supported by a highly committed team of skilled architects and project managers, with wide ranging experience in the delivery of projects across the Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Education Facility sectors.

Design Team

Lexis Design Pty Ltd

Lexie is an interior designer with 25 years’ experience. She is the director of Lexis Design and is a very strong and conceptual designer committed to timeless design.

DigiCraft Design Pty Ltd

A graphic design studio based in Sydney South with over 15 years’ experience. They deliver creative solutions for off the plan properties that bring projects to Life.Translating ideas into creative marketing through digital, print and social media.